Bay and Jetty Trips:                                                          

Bay and Jetty Trips are usually about 4-5 hours. 

Possible catches include red fish, drum, gafftop catfish, sharks, stingrays, and more.

Deep Sea Trips:

Deep Sea Trips can be from 6-12 hours. 

Possible catches include red snapper, ling, king mackerel, dolphin, sharks and many others.

Shark Trips or customize to your needs, time limits, and fish desired. Just Call.

Due to recent "close calls" to go along with the already too many times I have felt Shark teeth and Bites, I am enforcing a new policy to not bring the larger sharks (legal to keep or not) on board. Too much expense in my boats for the damage they can cause AND they do have potential to inflict career ending (or worse) bites. I'm sorry if this disappoints potential customers, but I believe my luck may be running out and I do love and want to continue taking people fishing!!! Thanks, Capt. Bob

Remember to bring these items:

  • Fishing License Required (I know some are exempt, but some fish require a special tag to keep them) If you have questions about license or tag requirements, please ask when making a reservation.
  • Hat, Sunscreen/Protection
  • Food and Drink for your group
    • Beer is allowed (cans or plastic bottles) 
    • Please see other information below.
  • Cameras
  • Ice Chest to carry fish home (Can be left in car, I have plenty on boat)
  • Soft sole shoes for everyone (sandals not recommended as many fish have sharp teeth, hooks, fins, etc.
Do NOT bring these items:
  • Liquor
  • Loran, GPS, or any other locating device
  • Bananas - Old maritime superstition.  (We know it seems silly, but we have seen one little banana almost ruin the fishing for everyone.)
  • Bad attitude
  • Glass containers
Other information
  • All tackle and bait is furnished, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.
  • Beer is allowed as long as you consume responsibly.  Intoxication and/or unruliness is dangerous and will not be tolerated.  Any passenger that is thought to be drunk or becomes drunk during the trip may cause cancellation of the whole trip without refund.
  • Fish cleaning is included if you want fish cleaned at dock
  • Gratuities are greatly appreciated!

  • Sorry, No shark rides.

To Book, Contact Captain Bob!